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    Recent Changes: (98/05/10)

    Finally! We've moved to another server! These pages are now at The lyrics section has been updated several times over the last few months to incorporate the new material, it'll need some more fixing though... I'll be updating the rest of these pages over the next few weeks as well...

    Welcome to The MALEB/SCUM! Therapy? Pages!
    You might have noticed that these pages haven't got all the bells and whistles of other Therapy pages. We're just here to add some extra material to the already huge amount found elsewhere on the Internet (see Links section). These pages are also Lynx-friendly! Long live Lynx!
    Our main attraction is The Nearly Complete Therapy? Lyrics Compilation, which is, as the name suggests, a huge compilation of Therapy? lyrics, sorted, checked, corrected, up-to-date and available in various viewable and printable formats. Go have a look!

    These pages are mostly maintained by Levien van Zon ( of MALEB. For more information on MALEB and various fun stuff, please visit the MALEB Homepage, or our new Scum Site at

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