We all know Therapy? is a great band making great music, but when listening to those wonderful songs one often faces the problem of having to work out what the f*ck they're actually singing...
To get around this problem many Therapy? webpages have got a lyrics section. Unfortunately not all lyrics are usually present in such a section, and those that are present are often partly or entirely incorrect.
That is why we collected all the Therapy? lyrics we could find, checked, corrected and sorted them, added a few and made all of this available to the fans in various viewable and printable formats. These lyrics are updated regularly. There are still a few rare ones missing (see below) and not all lyrics are 100% correct, but, as you will see, we're getting there...

News: (May 10th)
The Semi-Detached lyrics are still not entirely correct and fully implemented in all of the formats. Still working on it... Please note that all lyrics-related stuff has moved to, but is still mirrored at

Please note that these lyrics are unofficial and probably copyrighted!

Main Lyrics:

The Nearly Complete Main THERAPY? Lyrics Compilation in HTML (980330)

The same as an LHA'ed plain ASCII textfile (971001)

The Compilation as a PostScript file (2 column text, 18 pages A4, 300 DPI) for printing on PostScript printers (Apple Laserwriter, Oce, etc.) (971001)

The lyrics in a PCL binary file (3 column text, 9 pages A4, 300 DPI), or a bigger version (mail us for this one) (2 column text, 18 pages A4, 300 DPI) for printing on HP-Desk-/Laserjet compatible printers (971001)

The DVI file from which the PostScript version was created, for device independant output. Created using LaTeX. (971001)

We can create binary output files for virtually any printer from the DVI or PS files. Just ask.

Alternative Lyrics:

The Nearly Complete Alternative THERAPY? Lyrics Compilation in HTML (980304)

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