• Therapy? pages by Alex Kruczkowski (UK)
    Very comprehensive, has nearly everything.
  • Official THERAPY? Homepage
  • Brainsaw X Therapy? Page.
    Cool page, updated frequently, lots of stuff.
  • The Finnish Therapy? Archives by Marko Jokela
    Very nice, always up to date, has some extra lyrics too.
  • Screampager
  • Whaley's Unofficial Therapy? Homepage (Amsterdam)
    Check out his Discography and Tabs.
  • North American Therapy? Page by David Switzer
  • Roni's page (Israel)
    Also has lots of of material.
  • Johan Althini's page (Sweden)
  • Winkies Therapy? page
  • Winkies Gemil page
  • UK page by Andy (no, not Cairns :-)
  • Therapy? Triplenut Package
    Various stuff, also some pics and Real Audio files online.
  • Stewart Moss's page (South Africa)
  • Jlemerci's page (USA)
  • Matt George's page (Canada)
    Mostly Canada related stuff.
  • Robert's page (Sweden)
  • The Divine Eye's Therapage? (UK)
    Has a slightly irritating scroller. Doesn't work at all with Lynx.
  • Edwin's page (Austria)
  • Håkan's page (Sweden)
  • Bart Van Kerckhove's page (Belgium)
  • Richard Robinson's Loud Noise (UK)
  • Pinky's page (USA)

  • Therapy? Mailing List info

  • Wayne's Guitar Tabs
  • Therapy interview (1993) in MPEG2 audio format

  • MIDI Planet has some Therapy? MIDI files
  • Therapy? once did a cover of the Black Sabbath song Ironman
    here's a MIDI File of the original song

  • UBL Card for Therapy?
  • YaHoo Therapy? Entry
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  • Links not directly related to Therapy?:

  • Joyrider

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