Therapy? at Pinkpop '96

During the Pinkpop Festival in Holland in the spring of 1996, Therapy? gave an awesome performance in front of several tens of thousands of people. We were, ofcourse, there, took some pictures, and later managed to get our hands on some more material. All is revealed in our Pinkpop Picture Gallery. And if that isn't enough for ya', also have a look at Whaley's Pinkop '96 pics.

We're still looking for recordings of the Therapy? concerts at Pinkpop 1996 and in Utrecht, 11th October 1995. We already have the Pinkpop TV broadcast on video. If you can provide us with more material, then please contact us! Thanks...

Some notes on the pictures...
The color ones were downloaded from the Pinkpop web pages. I had to filter them to remove the dithering speckles, so they might be a bit fuzzy...
The greyscale pictures of the stage were taken and scanned by Max. We haven't got access to a color scanner right now, which is why they're in grey. Most have also been enlarged quite a bit, so they're also a bit fuzzy.
The greyscale closeups are from various sources. The one with Andy playing guitar was scanned from "De Volkskrant", a Dutch newspaper. The other two were taken from the TV broadcast of Pinkpop by taking a photograph of the TV screen. :-)

Oh, and some of these pictures are copyrighted.
Just thought I'd mention it.

Those of you using Lynx can download the piccies here:

MALEB, 1996